About Non-Contact Interlock Switches

Non-contact interlock switches are essential in operations that require safe and secure protective doors. When equipped, these switches can power down a machine while the switch mechanism is activated, which usually occurs when opening the door, cover, or gate. The switches can operate using induction, magnets, or transponders.

At MagneLink Inc., we produce top-quality magnetic safety interlock switches for a variety of applications. Here we’ll provide an overview of the benefits of using non-contact interlock switches, the different types available, and their potential applications.

Benefits of Non-Contact Switches

Non-contact interlock switches offer these advantages:

  • Excellent protection against tampering
  • Extremely hygienic environments
  • High safety levels
  • Vibration minimization for machine doors
  • Effective protection when used in wet, oily, or dusty conditions

Non-contact switches are a low-wear, low-maintenance option to prevent equipment from damaging itself or operators. They also provide safe position monitoring and prevent unauthorized access to secure areas.

Types of Non-Contact Interlock Switches

There are three main types of non-contact interlock switches, which work in different ways.

Magnetic Non-Contact Switches

These switches feature a sensing range of around 0.5 in., depending on variables within the application. This provides sufficient tolerance for doors that are misaligned and require a more effective solution than a conventional interlock switch. In addition, the non-contact nature of these switches minimizes wear over time, as the actuator never physically touches the switch.

Coded Magnetic Non-Contact Switches

Coded magnetically operated non-contact safety switches add another layer of security. With coded magnetic non-contact switches, a specific magnet must be used to activate the switch.  Since the coded magnetic switch cannot be activated with a standard magnet, this configuration makes the switch even more defeat-resistant.

Uses for Non-Contact Interlock Switches

Non-contact interlock switches are crucial for a variety of applications. Facilities frequently use them in machine safety applications to securely interlock doors, gates, covers, and guards. Non-contact interlock switches are also important in locations with stringent hygiene requirements, including food processing and medical facilities.

Other uses for these switches could include:

  • Position limit switches on factory equipment
  • Vehicle door sensing switches
  • Door / closet light switching for energy savings
  • Mechanical safety interlock switches

Reliable Magnetic Non-Contact Switches from MagneLink

Non-contact interlock switches are the ideal solution for protecting workers in hazardous environments and creating a secure locking system in your facility. At MagneLink, we carry a range of magnetic non-contact interlock switches for nearly any application. To find out more about our solutions and products, contact us today.