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MLF Switch


Small rectangular switch housing, measuring in at 0.2 x 0.3 x 0.9 inches long. Ideal for installation in small, tight spaces. Can be built with Reed or Hall Effect sub switch designs.

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Reed Switches (AC/DC)

Part NumberContact StyleAbs. Max Power (VA)Typ. Volt. (V) Typ. Curr. (A)# of Leads
MLF-Cxx SPST/NC 35-125V AC/DC0.250 2
MLF-Cxx-TSPST/NC + Transistor 35-125VDC0.500 2
MLF-DxxSPST/NO, with LED 105-125V AC/DC0.500 2
MLF-Dxx-TSPST/NO + Transistor, with LED505-125VDC0.500 2
MLF-Nxx SPST/NO Sinking105-125V AC/DC0.500 3
MLF-Rxx SPST/NO505-125V AC/DC1.02
MLF-Uxx SPST/NO Sourcing105-125V AC/DC0.500 3

Note: 'xx' in the part number indicates the length in feet of the cable

Hall Effect Switches

Part NumberContact StyleTyp. Voltage (V) Max Current (A) # of Leads
MLF-Gxx Sinking, NO4-24 VDC0.5003
MLF-Hxx Sinking, NO4-24 VDC0.040 3
MLF-Jxx Sinking, NC4-24 VDC0.5003
MLE-Kxx Sourcing, NO4-24 VDC0.5003
MLE-Qxx Sinking, NC4-24 VDC0.5003

Note: 'xx' in the part number indicates the length in feet of the cable

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