Surviving The Wind Storm

Along with April showers, we also had an April wind storm! This has proven to be one of our strangest weather years yet. On Friday, April 7th, our employees were welcomed to a dark office that morning. Despite the local power company’s best efforts to restore power to the Portland Metro area, it wasn’t until…

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Introducing the MLU-Fxx

MagneLink adds another product line to our growing list of magnetic switches – the MLU-Fxx. These are Single-Pole Single-Throw Normally Closed 100 VA reed switches in our MLU housing. The MLU housing is ½ inch-diameter, using standard electrical conduit pipe threading for easy installation in flush mount applications. Please contact us for more information on…

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Snow? What Snow?

Portland Metro area suffers from the big Winter Blast. After receiving unusually large amounts of snowfall for our area, we went through a long freezing period. This lasted about a week and a half in total. Many schools and offices shut down over this period. Even large shipping companies in our area, including UPS, did…

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