Medical Applications for Magnetic Switches

For nearly 30 years, MagneLink has been a premier provider of state-of-the-art magnetic switches for an extensive range of applications and industries. Our dedication to innovative and dependable electrical switch solutions has allowed us to provide high quality magnetically activated switches for applications such as elevators, automation equipment, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and motor vehicles.

MagneLink’s magnetic switches use basic magnetic principles to establish on-off circuit connections without the need for human physical contact. They are specially designed to be long lasting and capable of withstanding extreme conditions and environments, giving them the reliability needed for use in the medical industry.

medical applications for magnetic switchesBenefits of Magnetic Switches for the Medical Industry

As medical technology continues to grow smaller and more complex, medical manufacturers frequently use magnetic switches to reduce their footprint while maintaining precision, durability, and tight sensitivities. Their small and lightweight design makes magnetic switches ideal for miniaturized medical equipment which leads to improved patient experience.

Contacts in magnetic switches are free from mechanical wear and are hermetically sealed, meaning they can operate reliably in a variety of extreme conditions while maintaining a long service life. Unlike more traditional switch circuit designs, magnetic switches exhibit extreme precision even in environments with high vibration levels; extreme temperatures; and exposure to dirt, oil, and moisture. Magnetically activated switches also offer the advantage of ‘hands free’ operation which removes the need to physically push a button or lever in order to activate the switch.

Medical Applications for Magnetic Switches

Magnetic switches are highly versatile and find use in a broad range of medical applications including sensors, safety interlocks and switches, and a variety of medical devices.

Magnetic Sensors

In UV lighting systems, magnetic sensors detect whether humans are in a room before UV light is used to kill bacteria, such as COVID-19. Magnetic switch sensors are commonly used in door alarms for Clean Rooms. Magnetic sensors are also often used in medical settings to track the movement of components in medical testing equipment and for measuring magnetic fields in and near MRI machines.

Safety Interlocks and Switches

Magnetic switches are used as safety interlocks and switches to ensure that equipment is secure, and that protective doors and access panels are closed. Doing this protects medical equipment, such as X-ray machines and CT scanners, from exposure to external conditions that can affect the results of diagnostic procedures.

Medical Equipment

A variety of medical equipment and devices benefit from the lightweight precision and accuracy of magnetic switches, including:

  • Hearing aids
  • Portable and stationary diagnostic equipment
  • X-ray and EKG machines
  • CT and MRI scanners
  • Neurostimulators
  • Kidney dialysis equipment
  • Stress test equipment
  • Surgical suite equipment

Reliable Magnetic Switches From MagneLink

At MagneLink, we are committed to providing exceptionally precise and reliable magnetic switches to our customers in every part of the medical industry. Whether you are in need of a magnetic sensor to secure your medical manufacturing equipment or a miniaturized switch for a wearable medical device, we have the technology and experience necessary to deliver a magnetic switch perfectly suitable for your needs. To learn more about our products and services, contact us today.