Though similar to electrical relays, magnetic switches offer a safer mechanism for opening and closing cells. The switches activate when detecting a magnetic field. The contacts themselves are encased, allowing them to function without interruption and protecting them from debris, spark hazards, and other elements that increase fire risks. Sensitive equipment or machinery in extreme environments with fire or explosion risks – such as military and aerospace applications – require zero-failure magnetic switches that offer high performance and excellent safety.

At MagneLink, we specialize in designing and manufacturing magnetic switches. Our product family includes standard magnetic switches and components customized for our industrial clients. For nearly 30 years, we’ve been providing excellent customer service, reliable products, and cutting-edge capabilities. This page will explore some of the most crucial applications of magnetic switches in military and aerospace fields and the advantages these components provide.

Benefits of Magnetic Switches for Military and Aerospace Applications

Magnetic switches offer numerous advantages over traditional electrical relays. The benefits of incorporating these switches include:

  • Accuracy. Magnetic switches feature minimal hysteresis — the drag between an effect that causes a change and the change itself. They respond quickly and accurately to magnetic field stimulus.
  • Durability. Magnetic switches are contactless. Instead of requiring direct physical contact points to open and close circuits that subject the switches to wear or misalignment, non-contact magnetic switches are protected from mechanical wear. They also withstand extreme temperatures, abrupt movement from vibration, radiation, and more. Magnetic switches resist damage even in harsh environments, such as mining sites, high altitudes, outer space, and more.
  • Easy integration. Small and compact magnetic switches work into virtually any hardware design with minimal cost. Their sensitivity also makes magnetic switches able to perform around many design constraints.
  • Reliability. Every magnetic switch must complete extensive testing to ensure it can respond correctly to magnetic fields. This quality testing, combined with the component’s durability, ensures that each magnetic switch will have a long, reliable lifespan.
  • Sensitivity. Magnetic switches are available in a range of sensitivities to meet the needs of a variety of applications.

Military and Aerospace Applications for Magnetic Switches

military and aerospace applications for magnetic applicationsMilitary and aerospace applications require zero-failure technologies that can respond nearly instantly to any stimulus or change. Our magnetic switches are vital in everything from automotive sensors for unmanned vehicles to sensitive metrology equipment. Our magnetic switches are available with reed switch or Hall Effect switch activation.

Military Applications

Our sensors support these military applications:

  • Magnetic switches monitor the states of fuel doors for safe equipment operation.
  • Magnetic switches monitor tamper-resistant doors to ensure doors in aircraft and other vehicles remain closed.
  • They also are used for security monitoring. A magnetic switch can send a signal to alert appropriate parties in the event of unauthorized activity.

Aerospace Applications

Magnetic switches offer numerous applications and safeguards for aerospace applications, such as:

  • Tracking the relative positions of different objects within an aircraft or a mechanical system
  • Sending alert signals when limits are reached on extents of travel
  • Safety locks for equipment within an aircraft, or other vehicle, such as doors

Magnetic Switches From MagneLink

High-performance, high-quality parts are essential for outfitting equipment used in the critical missions and projects found in military and aerospace environments. At MagneLink, we’ve been serving aerospace, industrial, medical, military, security, and transportation industries with magnetic switches and services for nearly 30 years.

To see how our magnetic switches will improve your application, please contact us today.