Coded Magnetic Switches

Coded magnetic switches — also known as non-contact coded magnetic safety switches – incorporate pole-sensitive magnetic sensors with coded magnetic actuators to create defeat resistant switches that are only triggered with the correct magnetic code or pattern. These switches prevent accidental or unwanted access to equipment and sensitive areas, enhancing operational safety and security.

MagneLink, Inc. is a proud supplier of superior-quality magnetic switches for a wide range of industries. We aim to provide reliable switches for even the most unusual situations, and enjoy the challenge of innovating custom solutions when the standard switch design does not meet particular needs. Our state-of-the-art magnetically coded safety switches are designed for the utmost dependability and extended service life.

What are Coded Magnetic Switches?

Coded magnetic switches are non-contact magnetic switches that use magnetically coded patterns to open and close the switch. They are often used as an added layer of security for safety shutoffs on doors, guards, gates, and other access points for sensitive areas or dangerous equipment.

Non-contact coded magnetic safety switches offer a greater degree of flexibility for applications in which switches may not be perfectly aligned, or where high vibration and shock could cause direct-contact or mechanical switches to malfunction. They are triggered by sensing the correct magnetic code, and are able to do so even in the event of a slight misalignment. Magnetic switches are also particularly useful in settings where dust, ice or other surface contaminants would compromise the effectiveness of other switch designs.

Whatever the application, coded switches reduce the potential for tampering or accidental activation, thereby increasing workplace safety and security.

Benefits of Coded Magnetic Switches

Coded magnetic switches offer a wide range of benefits over other switch and latch designs, including:

  • Mounting versatility. Unlike many mechanical switches that require direct contact, coded magnetic switches can be mounted under non-magnetic materials and still operate effectively.
  • Quick stops. Coded magnetic switches have short stopping times, which makes them ideal for demanding and dangerous applications.
  • Flexible alignment. Since they operate effectively without perfect alignment, coded magnetic switches provide a more flexible option for applications with vibration, shock, settling, and other potential alignment issues.
  • Extremely tamperproof. Coded magnetic switches require a specific magnetic pattern to activate, and they cannot be modified mechanically. These factors make them very difficult to tamper with.
  • Extended service life. Lack of physical contact reduces the wear on coded magnetic switches, giving them a longer lifespan.
  • Low-maintenance. Coded magnetic switches require very little maintenance, and therefore cost little to maintain.
  • Multiple designs. Numerous design options facilitate the use of coded magnetic switches across industries and applications.

Applications of Coded Magnetic Switches

The design versatility and dependable safety of coded non-contact magnetic safety switches makes them ideal for use in a variety of applications, including:

  • Security and safety. Dangerous equipment and sensitive enclosures can be secured using tamper-resistant coded magnetic switches for enhanced safety and security.
  • Extreme temperatures and environments. Coded magnetic switches provide an ideal solution for extreme environments where temperature fluctuations, moisture, particulate matter, and other factors typically cause issues in other switch types.
  • Food industries. Non-contact switches offer hygienic no-contact security and ensure that refrigerators, freezers, ovens, and other equipment operate safely and efficiently.
  • Doors and gates. Doors, gates, and other enclosures can be secured using coded magnetic switches to prevent unwanted access to sensitive areas and secure locations.

Dependable and Versatile Coded Magnetic Switches by MagneLink

At MagneLink, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality magnetic solutions for any application. Whether you need a small magnetic switch for your sensitive lab equipment or a coded switch to keep your industrial systems secure, we can manufacture the perfect magnetic switch for your needs. View our MLD product series or contact us today to learn more about our coded magnetic switches and other magnetic solutions.