interlock switchesInterlock switches protect users and machinery from negligent and unsafe start-up under abnormal operating conditions. This function helps avoid machine usage when the door is open and stops the machine under other hazardous circumstances. Interlock switches are a standard safety feature on most equipment and a requirement to meet ISO 13849 and ISO 14119 standards.

MagneLink, Inc. has supplied high-quality interlock switches and other magnetic switches to various industries for nearly 30 years. Our exceptional customer service and advanced capabilities ensure that you get the magnetic switch solution you need at an affordable price. We serve a wide range of industries with interlock switches for various applications.

Types and Benefits of Interlock Switches

Interlock switches provide a range of benefits. Physical barriers, gates, or doors allow machines to operate safely by preventing unintentional contact with operators and other hazards. Locking safety interlock switches preserve safe machine operations by preventing component removal and other forms of interference while the machine is activated or energized. When the device is safely powered off, the safety interlock switch permits user interaction.

Interlock switches are available in numerous forms, such as:

  • Power-to-lock switches lock access to the machine while the power is on and immediately halt and unlock the machine when the power shuts off.
  • Power-to-release switches prevent access to machinery as long as the machine is in motion, even after the operator disconnects the power. These interlock switches offer an ideal solution for machinery that remains kinetic without power.
  • Non-contact interlock switches are able to function without physically contacting the actuator. They work even in environments with dust, dirt, and other contaminants.  Also, without requiring physical contact with the actuator, they offer more flexibility with regard to placement of the switch and actuator on the equipment.

A broad range of industrial machinery relies on the above interlock switches to enhance safety and operational performance.

Applications of Interlock Switches

Interlock switches provide vital safety functions in numerous industries, such as:

  • Automotive. Safety Interlock switches in the automotive industry prevent hazards when doors, gates, and valves are open during operation. The industry also relies on position and limit switches to monitor excess movements, and to allow proper sequencing of production operations.
  • Machine tools. Safety interlock switches prevent operation while doors and safety gates are open.
  • Electronics. Position and limit switches keep electronics running safely by monitoring movements that may result in damage.
  • Complex and specialized machinery. Safety interlock switches deny entry from gates and doors during regular equipment operation.
  • Crane and hoist equipment. Operators remain safe while equipment is in motion with safety interlock switches keeping doors and gates secured.
  • Food and beverage. Safety interlock switches are used in food processing to prevent contamination. Sanitizing food processing areas and equipment during hose-down also relies on non-contact switches for safety.
  • Mining and aggregate. Position and limit switches keep equipment and personnel safe by cutting power to equipment experiencing excess movement.
  • Pharmaceutical and chemical processing. Excessive movement in processing equipment can be detected with position and limit switches to avoid hazards.
  • Wood-pulp and paper. Position and limit switches keep wood-pulp and paper processing safe by halting machines that move beyond the allowed travel extents.
  • Aluminum, steel, and metal processing. Interlock switches help avoid motion-related hazards to improve safety in forges, machine shops, and other metal processing applications.
  • Water and recycling. Position and limit switches safely turn off equipment that has moved beyond its recommended limits in the water and recycling industry. They are also used to halt an operation if a door or gate is left open to keep equipment operators safe.

Interlock Switches From MagneLink

Interlock switches are essential to the safe and reliable operation of industrial machines. There are various types of interlock switches that deliver a range of benefits, including safety interlock switches, lock-type switches, and non-contact switches. Automotive, food, mining, and various other industries rely on interlock switches for safe machine operation.

At MagneLink, we enjoy solving problems with innovative solutions, and we always strive to deliver the right solution for your needs. Contact us to learn more about our interlock switch supply capabilities.