Transportation Applications for Magnetic Switches

For nearly three decades, MagneLink has been a dedicated provider of superior quality magnetic switches for customers in a wide range of industries and applications. Our dedication to quality and our extensive experience in the development of custom-designed switches makes us uniquely suited to meet the complex needs of the transportation industry.

MagneLink’s comprehensive selection of magnetic switches includes Reed, Hall Effect, Triac, Transistor, and Coded switches. We can provide our switches in a variety of housings and configurations to meet the needs of specific use cases. For more particular or uncommon systems, our engineers and designers offer a full complement of custom design services to ensure that you receive magnetic switches tailored to your detailed specifications.

Magnetic switches open and close electrical contacts by reacting to the presence of a magnetic field. They are typically used in stop/start applications, since magnetic switches only open and close circuits and won’t modify the current volume or voltage. In order to maintain the integrity of the components and the magnetic field, magnetic reed switches are typically enclosed in glass, which protects them from adverse external conditions.

transportation applications for magnetic switchesBenefits of Magnetic Switches in the Transportation Industry

The transportation industry encompasses a myriad of vehicles used in ground transportation. Regardless of the medium, transport vehicles must operate dependably in a variety of conditions, and magnetic switches provide a precise, reliable means of ensuring smooth and safe system operations. Transportation system manufacturers use a variety of magnetic switch designs, but the most common include Reed switches and Hall Effect switches.

Reed Switches

A Reed Switch is a simple design that incorporates two magnetic metal filaments placed very close together within a glass enclosure. When exposed to a magnetic field, the filaments are attracted and touch to create a closed circuit. Removing the magnetic field allows the filaments to separate, opening the circuit and stopping electrical flow. Reed switches are often used for equipment placement, proximity sensors, and other safety devices.

Hall Effect Switches

Hall Effect Switches use a conductive metal strip and magnetic field to measure the flow of current through the strip—a method called the “Hall Effect”. Switches and sensors built on this principle are often used in transportation applications to collect information on equipment speed, positioning, and proximity, as well as current usage. Engineers and operators can use this information to improve transportation systems, making them smarter, more efficient, and cost-effective.

Transportation Applications for Magnetic Switches

The versatility of magnetic switches makes them useful for a wide range of ground transportation applications. Below are just a few of the transportation applications that benefit from the use of magnetic switches.

Refrigeration Trucks

Magnetic switches detect when the door of a refrigeration truck opens and stops the refrigeration system from running to avoid wasting energy and fuel trying to cool the truck while the door is open. Switches and sensors are also used to monitor and maintain the temperature in the refrigerated unit to ensure that it stays within the appropriate range.

Railcars and Trains

Railcars and trains incorporate magnetic switches into nearly every aspect of rail transportation. Sensors and switches are used to power the doors and ensure that there is nothing blocking them before they close. In addition, magnetic sensors are used to monitor proximity and speed in driving, braking, and parking systems.

Garbage Trucks

Garbage trucks benefit from the use of magnetic switches in their transport containers. Switches and sensors monitor the container to ensure that the truck does not exceed safe operating capacity. They also help to ensure that the compactor is safely secured before operation to prevent damage and injury to workers.

Road Maintenance Trucks

Heavy-duty vehicles such as road maintenance trucks and road construction equipment use magnetic switches for various systems, including safety switches, fuel level indicators, equipment consoles, ignition systems, and power steering. Instrumentation panels and control consoles also use magnetic sensors and switches for a variety of specialized applications.

Private Buses

Private buses are incorporating increasingly advanced technology to enhance the efficiency, safety, and comfort of bus transportation. Private buses use magnetic switches and sensors for security and safety systems, ignition systems, proximity sensors, and fuel systems.

Reliable Magnetic Switches by MagneLink

At MagneLink, we are dedicated to developing and incorporating the latest magnetic technology into a wide range of applications. As automation of transportation systems increases, magnetic switches and sensors are becoming increasingly critical to ensure safe and efficient operation of smart transportation equipment. To learn more about the ways that MagneLink’s magnetic products and services can improve your transportation systems, contact us today.