Security and Safety Applications for Magnetic Switches

At MagneLink, Inc., we supply high-quality magnetic switches. These are specialized switches that rely on the presence of a magnetic field to open or close an electrical circuit. One of the core use cases for our products is security and safety applications.

Magnetic Switches for Security and Safety Applications

There are several types of magnetic switches available, each of which offers different characteristics that make it suitable for different purposes. Magnetic safety interlock switches are commonly used for safety and security applications.

Safety interlock switches are designed to prevent unintentional or unauthorized machine operation by having specific requirements for engagement and disengagement. Magnetically activated switches consist of a two-part set that engages the connected system when the two parts are brought together and disengages the connected system when the parts are separated from one another. They are generally used to prevent unintentional machine operation that can harm operators or damage the equipment.

In some applications, coded magnetic switches are required. This adds another layer of security in that a coded magnet is used to trigger the switch. Using a coded magnet for activation makes the switch even more defeat resistant.

Security and Safety Applications for Magnetic Switches

security safety applications for magnetic switchesIn security and safety applications, magnetic switches serve a number of functions. In addition to stopping the flow of power to equipment to prevent operator injury or equipment damage, they can also prevent unauthorized access to secure equipment and notify employees if and when a machine is left open or in operation for extended periods.

Below we provide an overview of some of the common security and safety use applications for magnetic switches across the industrial, commercial, and consumer sectors.

  • In the industrial sector, magnetic switches are often integrated into the equipment and systems of manufacturing and other industrial facilities to protect employees. They are installed on machines to prevent them from turning on at the wrong time (e.g., during maintenance or repair operations). Compared to standard switches, they offer better response times, lower maintenance costs, and longer expected service lives. Additionally, their performance is largely unaffected by external operating or environmental conditions, which makes them ideal for use in the harsh conditions often found in industrial worksites.
  • In the commercial sector, magnetic switches are used in safety and security systems for private and public buildings (e.g., hospitals, hotels, and government buildings), such as fire exit door, elevators, and parking garage door opener systems.
  • In the consumer sector, magnetic switches are found in a wide range of products. For example, in automobiles, they are integrated into various safety and security subsystems, including door position sensor, the brake pedal positioning, door and window locking, emission control, gas tank monitoring, and seat belt sensor systems.

Magnetic Switches by MagneLink, Inc.

Magnetic switches are integral to the function of numerous security and safety systems found in industrial machines, commercial facilities, and consumer products. Given their reliability and durability, they are ideal for protecting people from injury and equipment from damage in a wide range of applications.

At MagneLink, we design and manufacture a broad selection of magnetic switches—including reed switches, Hall effect switches, Triac switches, transistor switches, and coded switches—all of which are engineered for reliable performance. Our switches readily accommodate integration into safety interlock switch assemblies, making them ideal for use in safety and security applications. For highly specific customer requirements, we offer customization capabilities to ensure we provide a solution that fully meets the needs of the application.

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