Magnetic Switch Design

A Design Guide for Reed Switches

If you’ve ever used a laptop or a flip phone, you may have wondered how the screen goes dormant once you close the device. Or maybe you’re curious about why your tablet screen turns on every time you open its protective cover. At the heart of these functions is an ingenious device called a reed…

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How an Environment Affects a Magnetic Switch

A magnetic switch is a device that closes an electrical circuit when exposed to a magnetic field. The switch stays open until it’s impacted by magnetism. This switching mechanism is ideal for underwater deployment and conditions where electric sparking could trigger explosions or fires. How Reed Switches Work in Different Environments A magnetic reed switch…

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Selecting a Magnetic Switch for Your Next Design

Magnetic switches, as their name suggests, are devices that allow or disallow the flow of current based on the presence of a magnetic field. There are several types of magnetic switches, each possessing specific characteristics that lend themselves to different applications. When designing or selecting a magnetic switch, it is essential that parameters such as…

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